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Address Verification System

Common processing errors usually happens because of an error with the Address Verification System that is used on this website.

In order to process your credit card on any website. Most merchants rely on a tool called AVS. This tool helps prevent unauthorized use of credit cards. Address verification works by verifying the address that includes the street numbers and zip code.

AVS Checks both sets of these numbers so if one of these sets of numbers do not match the credit card is usually rejected.

Address verification works by reading only the numbers entered for the street address and the numbers entered for the zip code.

Usually customers realize that the problem is because they are using an old address and zip code. You should verify your billing address and zip code associated with your credit card provider by looking at a recent statement.

Corporate users may also need to use their company address or home address depending upon how the credit card is setup.


Order Delivery To Multiple Addresses

Our website does have a way to allow customers to order multiple products and send your orders to different address.

To do this you will first need to add at least 2 arrangements to the shopping cart and click on the checkout button to began. 

Enter your email address and click on the ship to multiple addresses link.

You will need to be registered or will need to create an account in order to use the multiple address function.



How to add a balloon to your order.

The website does offer options of adding a single balloon to your order. Just click on the flower arrangement that you would like to order and choose the occasion under the add balloon option. By choosing the occasion the website will show the available options related to the occasion.