Long stem roses new designs and flower upgrades.

Posted by Everyday Flowers on 9th Sep 2018

As far back as I cam remember a full dozen roses has always been the choice when ordering roses. We have always offered roses by the dozen and has become a popular way to order long stem roses. Even though the prices have continued to go up over the years most florist have worked hard to keep our costs in check while not raising the prices.

Since 2003 rose cost have risen 240% while the average price of a dozen roses has gone up 161%. Keep in mind that the cost of roses is not the only thing that has gone up. From vases to greens and of course the popular filler has also gone up.  

As we try to think of ways to still provide an affordable product for our customers we have come to realize that the only way we can do this is by changing the way we present our flowers to the customer. This involves changing our designs and offering new options when it comes to ordering flowers. One of the ways we have done this is by creating a new design for our half dozen roses. 

Offering a new type of glass vase that holds more water and also gives us a way to display these roses. These rose arrangements are designed one sided but we still use fresh assorted greens such as oregonia salal pittosporum myrtle huckleberry baby blue eucalyptus seeded eucalyptus. One of the reason why we use seven different types of greens is for texture and color because greenery comes in different colors and we want our roses to stand out when they are placed in front of the greenery. 

More Options with more flower types.

Instead of just ordering roses now we have four different options that include two types of orchids and two types of lilies.

Giving our customers more choices and value is always on our mind and we hope our customers continue to see the value in what we do when it comes to our designs and flower choices.