A Florist During The Pandemic

Posted by Everyday Flowers on 11th Sep 2021

We have been very fortunate to continue to provide our services through the Pandemic. One of the first problems that began back in the end of March 2020 was our ability to continue to support agriculture by getting the flowers from the Farms to our store front. 

As with many florists across the world many of us relied upon local distributors and in our case the Los Angeles Flower Market located in Downtown LA. For 18 years we would drive up to the Market at 2AM and arrive just in time to pick though the freshest available product that would be trucked into the Market. This gave us the ability to provide always fresh product and the choice to provide some unique types of flowers available based upon the season.

Unfortunately the Los Angles Market closed soon after the Government shut down began forcing us to find a new way to get our flowers to our retail location. It wasn't until the Friday before Mother's Day that the Los Angles Market reopened. 

We started by contacting the Farms directly which gave us the ability to find a safe and reasonable way to get the product from the Farms to our storefront. We have many local farms just north of Santa Barbara and where fortunate enough to establish new contacts with these farms and within a week we were able to offer our same day delivery service once again using only California Grown Product.